24 more days!!

Im so happy that my family and I are leaving in 24 more days ( soon to be 23 in a few hours ). Things have been super busy around here, working for spending money, so I can shop till I drop!

Packing food, and bags, making sure we have everything we need. Here a few pictures of what our living room looks like.




My boyfriend and I went bowfishing down in Brownstown today. It was 75 and sunny! Not a lot happening out there on the water today, I did end up killing a little sucker ? I THINK that is what my boyfriend said. LOL.  I got tons of sun and a sun burn!! I love it! I love how Michigan went to winter to summer!








WOW its summer now

Wait Michigan you forgot spring? You jumped right into summer with your upper 70’s cant complain though im loving it! Its like the trees got leafs over night!! 

Went to the park yesterday and it was so nice out! Did a little fishing, I got 20 fish and Jon got 15. Had dinner there with our grill and food! Such a great time. Here are some pictures.






Where is Spring ..?? and Up north update.

I have no idea what Michigan is doing. Its 4/3/13 and cold… I thought spring was coming ? It has been sunny down hhttp://wordpress.com/#!/post/ere but still doesn’t change the fact , im still walking around in sweat pants and jackets. I was really happy Easter Sunday wasn’t such a let down with the rain! Here are some pictures of Easter.


There is only 92 days till we go up-north, Which right now all we are doing is saving money and starting to buy the stuff we need.. we bring our own food so were not wasting money on food every day. We each bring a bag, hair stuff, swimsuits. Here are some pictures on how we pack below… ( taken last year)

All those box’s are labeled and filled. Snacks, Can foods and soup, Noodles. Ect.

All we do is keep the boxes in the room with us. We bring up our own microwave and put the boxes in one side of the wall. 🙂

My Grandma, started this thing called bags for the day..

So we will be staying 10 days up north so every day is sorta planned, Each day for food we have $25.00 which doesn’t seem like much but its just fine for us. $5.00 a person and if we want something more then we pay for it yourself.  If we don’t use all or any of the food money that day it rolls over in to the next day!

Then we have our bags for things we are going to see or do that cost money. This year we are going to Oswald;s Bear Ranch! Which for each car is $20.00 so in the bag we have what we are going to do and how ever much money it will cost us. Also this year unlike last year you can get your picture taken with a bear! Which is $5.00 a group, you may also buy apples to feed to the bears that are in the cages from the store too! Dean Oswald is turely doing such a amazing things giving bears a good home full of love and care.



Ill be posting more now since spring and summer will be coming, Ill also post more about what we do to save money and getting up north.

Thanks for reading! stay warm!

I just won..



Well I just won 4 tickets to Mackinaw Island this year! Im so pumped. I love the boat ride over to the island and the amazing time we have there. We went there last time, and biked the whole Island. Im not biking this year, only the boys will be doing that. I will spend my time eating fudge, and smelling poop also shopping!!! Thank you for the chance St Ignace Visitors BureauImage

This is this the picture I picked.. that won! This is right behind Indian Village , picture was taken along the Huron Boardwalk, which is also part of the North Country Trail, and an excellent spot to watch our Saturday night Fireworks Over The Bay (in 2013, every Saturday night from July 6-August 31). The Huron Boardwalk is an historic mile-long walkway that follows the shoreline of Lake Huron, and is a great way to learn more about life in St. Ignace over the past 300 years.

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This is Indian Village. Right behind this great store, is the walkway a amazing place to watch the fireworks.


Here’s some pictures from last year!!